In March of 2019, I recommended the shares of Hemp grower, Upper Street Marketing (UPPR) at a price limit of $0.50.  Due to the share price increasing rapidly the limit was raised to $0.85 and then to $1.00.  Then the bottom fell out after the share price reached $2.00. The SEC halted the trading of the shares because of irregularities in the company’s capital raising activities.   UPPR quickly became my biggest loser.

What happened was extremely frustrating. I had believed UPPR, a Hemp grower had the potential to be a showcase recommendation.  I had known Jim Janis who had introduced UPPR to me since when I worked on Wall Street in the 1980s.  Mr. Janis informed me that his intention was file a lawsuit on the behalf of the shareholders against the company’s executives for mismanagement.   He asked me to help him obtain the financing to file a lawsuit.  In my March 2021 request for help message to UPPR investors and my contacts I said:

“I will fight tooth and nail for those who I have recommended something to which does not work out.  Throughout my 44 years I have realized that my strongest relationships were built from following up on the losing recommendations until they became winners.”

I provided my personal guarantee for the loan Mr. Janis obtained to commence the legal battle. The lawsuit was settled through negotiation in August 2021.  Joseph Earle, Gordon McDougal, and Mark Livingston resigned as officers and as members of the Board of Directors.  An aggregate of 60 million of their UPPR shares were canceled and returned to the company’s treasury.  The former officers forgave any money alleged to be owed to them by the company.

A new management team, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board was installed.  Mr. Janis became Chairman and CEO.  Former registered investment advisor John D. Quinn became the President.  The two have worked tirelessly to jump through all of the hoops to get UPPR shares trading again.

The new management team has made substantial progress:

  • Tax returns with the State of Oklahoma are now current
  • All fees with the company’s transfer agent, Standard Registrar and Transfer, are now current
  • Most outstanding company debt has been paid or converted into common stock

The top priority is to complete the audit and reinstate the trading of the stock.  Auditable financials have been submitted to the firm’s accounting firm, Pinnacle.  The company anticipates the completion of the audit in late summer, barring any unforeseen issues.  The company intends to file a Form 10 registration statement with the SEC as part of the process to recommence trading on the OTC markets.

Upper Street Marketing’s future is very exciting.  UPPR Inc. has transitioned its business to develop products from Hemp which nurture the planet.  UPPR is now in the sustainable plant-based biomass industry.

  • bioplastic pipes which replace lead pipes
  • bioplastic bottles
  • bioplastic drinking straws which replace plastic straws, i.e., fast food chains
  • bioPlastic bags and packaging for foods
  • bioCrete which replaces concrete
  • plant based textiles
  • plant-based foods

Their plan is to partner with the industry’s leaders, thought leaders and scientists to continue to create new applications and products to reduce the planet’s pollution and improve the health of its inhabitants.

As soon as UPPR shares are available for trading AlphaTack Intelligence will alert subscribers.   There is always the potential for a company to need more funds prior to their shares being traded publicly listed.  Accredited investors, who might be interested to participate in a private financing, if needed, can fill out the form below.

What Jim and John pulled off with my help ranks as the most important accomplishment throughout my 45 years in the capital markets. To have fought the good fight, to have won, and to have the vast majority of the company’s outstanding shares erased ranks as the best ever war story. Throughout my 45-year career I have witnessed dozens of cases for which a small company’s shares went to zero due to management wrongdoings.  Mr. Janis was the first to do something about it.  The UPPR turnaround trumps all of my predictions including my September 2007 article for Equities Magazine in which I told my readers to get out of Wall Street’s five biggest brokers including Lehman, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch.

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