Trading Algorithms

Investing and trading algorithms developed by Michael Markowski

AlphaTack’s proprietary long-term and short-term S&P 500 LONG/SHORT Algorithms

  • Bull & Bear Tracker (average signal duration: 4.5 days) enables a portfolio to grow from leveraging volatility, regardless of a market’s macro or long-term direction

  • AlphaCenturi (average signal duration: 3.06 years) indicates when to be defensive over the long haul

With algorithms that deliver a one-two punch, AlphaTack.com is the only provider of a comprehensive strategy to enable a portfolio to increase during cyclical and secular bear markets:

Bull & Bear Tracker (BBT)

AlphaCenturi Algorithm

To learn more about AlphaCenturi and the success ratios for its signals read “Algorithm Proven Over Three Centuries – Short S&P 500”. To understand the development-cycle and the efficacy of an algorithm developed from backtests, [click here]. For additional algorithms developed by Michael Markowski click here.