Founded by Michael Markowski
an expert with 44 years of Market Experience


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Asset Protection and Growth Strategies

AlphaTack specializes in developing strategies with a focus on asset protection from market volatility. AlphaTack’s mission is to enable investors to:

  • Increase Performance (Alpha)
  • Reduce Risk (Beta)

“Markowski goes with the Flow”
(accurate bankruptcy predictions)

Fortune Magazine

“Top picks from 50 Great Investors”
(Fortune pick gained 200%)

Equities Magazine

“Have Wall Street’s Brokers been Pigging Out?”
(predicted demise of Lehman in 2007 and before its 2008 bankruptcy)

Inc. Magazine

”High Concept: How to Spot an Enron”
(development of algorithm to predict bankruptcies

Strategic Flexibility

Algorithm-Driven Advantage

Our Strategies

With AlphaTack, you have access to algorithm-powered investing and trading funds with flexible risk/reward ratio. Designed to provide the freedom of customizing a suitable strategy for any portfolio.


Increases investment performance


Reduces investment risk

Investing Opportunities

Our Funds


Above average return with low average risk


High risk/high reward (300% leverage)


Extremely defensive investing strategy

Wealth Building

Your objective is to have long term gains

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