Market experts Michael Markowski, Jim Chanos and Nouriel Roubini have predicted that the S&P 500 will decline by 45.5 to 77.4 percent from its January 4, 2022 all-time high of 4818.62.  At its low for 2022 (3491.58, 10/13/22) the S&P 500 had declined by as much as 27.5%.

The three reached their notoriety for making these predictions:

    • Jim Chanos- collapse of Enron
    • Nouriel Roubini- 2008 Financial crisis
    • Michael Markowski- collapse of the five US brokers including Lehman, Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch

Markowski, who utilizes the algorithms he develops to make his predictions, has predicted all major crashes and corrections for the S&P 500 since 2008.   

In addition to his crash expertise Markowski from his research of all secular bull and bear markets since 1803 has expertise at predicting the end of a secular bull and the beginning of a secular bear market.   In his presentation at a December 2021 Family Office Club event, he predicted that the S&P 500 would peak and enter into a minimum 8-year secular bear market with a minimum decline of 45% in January 2022.

The table below depicts the S&P 500 secular bull and bear markets and there durations from 1929 to 2022.  

Due to the secular bear market being underway and which will last until 2031, Michael Markowski is very concerned for a majority of all investors.  He is especially concerned for those who are 55 years and older.  Everyone needs to understand the psychology and the nature of a secular bear since they have 9 to 13 years durations.  Thus, those who have practiced a buy and hold strategy throughout their lifetime could run out of time before the next secular bull market beginning. 

To help all investors Michael instituted the “Markowski on the Market”, a free of charge weekly session.  The session is held by Michael every Saturday at 11:00AM EST.

The table below contains the articles which contain the predictions by the experts.