The shares of ShinyPennyStocks.com recommendation “Investview” (INVU) increased by 147% for the week ended April 2, 2021.  The shares which closed at 41¢ for the week have increased by as much as 2633% since being recommended in 2019 by analyst Michael Markowski who believes the shares have the potential to go significantly higher.

According to Markowski, the catalyst which ignited the share price was Investview announcing on 3/22/21, that it had acquired Level X, a digital US broker-dealer which has been operating in the US and Latin America since 2000.  Markowski believes that the acquisition of Level X has significantly increased Investview’s upside.

The soaring of Investview shares is déjà vu for Markowski who Fortune Magazine named as one of its 50 Great Investors.  In 2003, Markowski recommended the shares of Investools @ 17¢.  After acquiring broker Think or Swim, the company was acquired by Ameritrade which was then swallowed by Schwab.  The total gains for those who bought and held Markowski’s Investools recommendation were 11,217 percent.

ShinyPennyStocks.com (SPS) is a cutting edge stock recommendation site since its provides stake levels and limit price entry points for its subscribers to purchase shares.  SPS issues specific instructions for its subscribers to follow for each of the penny stocks that it recommends.  SPS is not afraid to re-recommend the shares at prices higher than the price the shares traded at when they were initially recommended.  Note that SPS’ policy is for its analysts to not own shares in what they recommend.  The table below contains the price at the initial recommendation date and each of the six buy limit prices for Investview shares which were published by ShinyPennyStocks.com and their respective gains.


The chart below depicts the price history for INVU shares and the buy price limit instructions of its two analysts Michael Markowski and Keven Young from the initial recommendation date through January 2021.  


What is most fascinating in the above chart is Keven Young’s instructions.  Those subscribers who followed them were able to have an average cost of 11.8¢ despite purchasing the first 25% of their stake at 15.75¢.  The share price then sharply increased to as high as 21.5¢.   The share price then fell to below the initial purchase price and to the first buy limit price.  After the additional 50% stake was added the share price increased to above both of the first two purchase prices.  The shares then declined to provide subscribers with the opportunity to average down yet again.  The chart is a testimonial for the expertise that SPS’ analysts have to enable subscribers to minimize risk and to maximize profits.

Mr. Markowski is in the process of producing an updated research report on Investview which will include the new adjusted price targets for Investiew shares for 2022 and 2025.   Upon the report being available Mr. Young will use his expertise to develop the best strategy for subscribers to acquire shares.  The table below depicts Mr. Markowski’s initial and adjusted price targets for 2020 and 2025 which were last updated in December 2019.


To get access to Mr. Markowski’s report and Mr. Young’s buy limit prices when available subscribe to ShinyPennyStocks.com.   A complementary 90-day subscription is currently available at www.ShinyPennystocks.com.