Visionary analyst and algorithm developer Michael Markowski, is presently in the process to produce an in-depth research update on Investiew (INVU).  He says the ShinyPennyStocks.com (SPS) report will be foundational and on par with his November 12, 2021, “Investview, Ridiculously Undervalued!” report. Michael’s report will reveal his rationale for why the share price could potentially go to $4.03 by 2027, a multiple of 66 times when compared to the $0.0589, 3/22/2022 closing price.    

Michael, who has been in the capital markets since 1977, believes that Investview will vie with Investools to be his best ever stock recommendation throughout his entire career.  His best ever recommendation to date was Investools (Think or Swim) shares at $0.24 in 2003

His Investview (INVU) recommendation is amazingly similar to his Investools recommendation.  Both of the bulletin board traded companies were in the investor education business. At 3/21/22, INVU had a double-digit Free Cash Yield which was also the case for Investools in 2003.  Investools shares increased significantly after they became listed on NASDAQ.  The company was subsequently acquired by Ameritrade for cash and shares in 2009.  Ameritrade was then acquired by Schwab in 2019 in an all-stock deal.  The total value (cash and stock) of an Investools share at 12/6/21 as depicted below was $38.04.  The multiple return for an Investools share through 12/6/21 was 119 times.  

The table below depicts that at 12/6/2021, the equivalent value of a share was $38.04, a multiple of 119 times.

To better understand why Michael believes that Investview will rank as his best ever stock recommendation view 4 min, 43 seconds video below.  It’s about his Free Cash Flow Yield (FCY) screen which was utilized to find the two most undervalued stocks (Investools & TRM Corp) in the entire US market in 2003.  TRM shares were recommended at a limit of $0.84 in 2003 and the shares were recommended to be sold at $18.45 in 2004.

In the future alerts on small company shares will exclusively be provided to ShinyPennyStock.com subscribers.   Alerts about Mr. Markowski’s producing a foundational report on a company are extremely valuable.   It’s because there is a tendency for the price and volume of the low-price or smally company shares to surge after a foundational report about the company by Mr. Markowski is published.

The chart below for Investview is a good example.  It depicts that after the 11/12/21 report was published INVU’s share price surged from under $0.075 to $0.116 and to above SPS’ $0.10 limit price.  The green bars on the bottom right-hand corner of the chart depict that share buy volume was the highest for the entire period covered in the chart. Note.  Michael Markowski does not hold INVU shares.   ShinyPennyStocks.com’s policy does not allow analysts to take positions in the shares which are recommended.

Michael is now and will continue to aggressively recommend that INVU shares have a 5% of a portfolio weighting.   It’s especially since he has predicted that the Secular Bull market which began in March of 2009, ended on January 4, 2022.  See his “Due to inflation’s effect on PE, S&P 500 to decline 45%” article.  The article explains that a new secular bear, the first since 2000-2009 began at the high.  Based on the prior secular bears which are depicted in the table below the S&P 500 will decline by a minimum of 47% and will have a minimum duration of 8 years.   The asset class which produces all of the long-term capital gains during a secular bear are small companies and those which have low stock prices. 

The educational videos below about secular bear markets are highly recommended.  “Proven Secular Bear investing strategies” explains why low-priced shares and shares of small companies are best to own during the new secular bear market which has begun.   “Why the worst performing stocks during a secular bear were always the best performers of the prior secular bull” explains why high priced and blue-chip shares decline during secular bears.

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Michael Markowski, a 47-year financial markets veteran, is the Director of Strategies for AlphaTack, whose slogan is “growing assets against the wind”.  He conducts empirical research of the past, which he then utilizes to develop algorithms to predict the future.  His research of Enron’s Financial Statements after its infamous bankruptcy led to the development of a Cash Flow Statement algorithm.  The algorithm was utilized to predict a “day of reckoning” for Lehman, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in a September 2007, Equities Magazine article.   Michael’s research of prior market crashes led to the development of the Bull & Bear Tracker (BBT) algorithm.  From 2018 to 2022, the BBT gained 177% vs. the S&P 500’s 50%.  His predictions of all periods of heightened market volatility from 2008 to 2022 and that  S&P 500 at March 23, 2020 had reached its bottom which was exact are media verifiable.