AlphaTack is the ideal advisor to the following Generational investors & advisors:

  • Family Offices

  • Hedge Funds*

  • Registered Investment Advisors*

  • Non-U.S. wealth managers*

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Public Pension Funds

  • Banks in Switzerland and other safe-haven Banks

*individual investors referred to

AlphaTack.com has a policy to not directly provide its proprietary investment strategies to individual investors.

See: ‘All Family Offices Need to “Come of Age

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AlphaTack conducts ongoing proprietary empirical research to develop algorithms and metrics which protect and grow capital to be utilized for their future generations.

AlphaTack founder and media recognized market crashes expert. Michael Markowski advocates that generational investors implement a 90/10 crash protection strategy, especially during secular bear markets.

See Michael Markowski’s 90/10 crash protection strategy video.

According to Mr. Markowski 90% of assets under a 90/10 strategy are to be invested in extremely conservative investments including AAA bonds, long/short algorithms, and hedge funds. Generational investors can also deploy 80/20 or 70/30, etc. strategies.

Markowski advocates that the minority of the portfolio should be invested into private equity and into public companies with market caps of less than $100 million. The private and public companies must have highly scalable business models and/or technologies which can support a market cap of $1 billion within 5 to 7 years.

AlphaTack is exclusive in providing ALL of the following to generational wealth investors:

  • Secular market directional 8 – 14 years up and down trends
  • Predictive algorithms which fully leverage the trends
  • Small cap companies selection expertise
  • Venture capital and private growth companies expertise
  • Referrals to hedge funds and advisors who utilize AT’s proprietary algorithms and metrics

In addition to the above AlphaTack:


  • Conducts ongoing empirical research on US and global market metrics in its constant quest to improve the accuracy of its trend change predictions.
  • In process to create a secondary market for the private companies which it recommends

Mr. Markowski sees a secular bear market on the horizon.

He recommends that all investors:

  • View his secular bear educational videos, which are accessible via the link below, to become knowledgeable about secular bear markets.
    Click here to view videos.


  • Allocate the majority of liquid assets to AlphaTack’s “growing assets against the wind” investing strategies. The strategies include AlphaTack’s long/short index ETF trading algorithm, Bull & Bear Tracker, Jr. Unicorn and small cap recommendations.