Family Offices are Ideal Partners for AlphaTack

AlphaTack, in late 2021, changed its priority to establish relationships with family offices instead of accredited investors and hedge funds for the two reasons below.

Family Offices

  • Are much more defensive than hedge funds and accredited investors. A family office’s priority is to preserve capital instead of increasing risk to outperform an index.
  • Embrace alternative investments.

Michael Markowski, AlphaTack’s founder is a media recognized market crashes expert. His strong advocacy is for every investor who has a large nest egg and especially those who are in or near retirement effectuate a 90/10 crash protection strategy.

See Michael Markowski’s 90/10 crash protection strategy video below.

According to Mr. Markowski 90% of assets under a 90/10 strategy are to be invested in extremely conservative investments including government bonds. The remaining 10% is to be invested into extremely risky investments which have the potential to appreciate rapidly and to be valued for more than the value of the 90% allocated to conservative investments.

AlphaTack, with its Bull & Bear Tracker long/short ETF index trading algorithm and its junior unicorn investment opportunities, is equivalent to a 90/10 on steroids. Instead of receiving low returns from bonds and other extremely conservative investments defensive investors and especially family offices can potentially receive much higher returns on the 90% portion of a 90/10 crash protection portfolio.

Mr. Markowski sees a secular bear market on the horizon.

He recommends that all investors:

  • View his secular bear educational videos which are accessible via the link below to become knowledgeable about secular bear markets.
    Click here to view videos.


  • Allocate the majority of liquid assets to AlphaTack’s “growing assets against the wind” investing strategies. The strategies include investing in AlphaTack’s Bull & Bear Tracker and into its Junior Unicorns.

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